Friday, 1 April 2011

Product that I need badly is fiber drinks

I suffered from constipation since I enter University. Sometimes I even went to toilet once in a week. I think i suffered from this problem because I rarely eat vegetables. The reason behind it is because of the cooked vegetables are not clean or it doesn't suit my appetite. I tried many ways to cure this problem such as consume Yakult and eat more fruits. However it didn't help

My mother is the member of E.excel, a direct sale company. The fiber drinks that I drink now is a product of E.excel. My mother knew that I have constipation, so she buy this for me. I start to drink it few weeks ago. I drink it every morning before I have my breakfast. I found it improve my condition as I am now will go to toilet every 2 days. I will continue consume it as I believe my condition will get back to normal.

The name of the fiber drink is EverNew Mixed Fiber. It is in powder form. So I have to take it with warm water. There are 30 packet in 1 box and the serving size is 18g. Ingredients for this fiber drink are: proprietary fiber mix( orange, psyllium husk, banana,oat), fructose and vanilla.

The taste of this fiber drinks quite ok as it contain orange and vanilla. The most important thing is it won't make me suffer from Diarrhea after consume it. Most fiber drinks that are being sold in the market make people suffer form Diarrhea. Therefore I can drink it anytime without worrying that I will need to go toilet after consume it.

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