Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream

I start my first make up before I enter here. I've tried various types of BB cream before, this is the only one satisfy me most. Every time before going to class, I will use this to cover blemishes on  my face. I can't go out without BB cream. It gives me the confidence to face other people. My friends always laugh at me because i won't go out without make up. I think i will continue use this product as I can't live without BB cream. Haha..

what i had learned in electronic advertising

    For the first time in my University life, my groupmates are indians. I had never partnered with indians, so this is a very good experience. I cooperate with my groupmates well. I tried my very best to committ in assignment to fullfill their expectation. In doing the assignment, i learned how to use certain software to create a simple advetisement. I faced some problem when drawing the storyboard as i am poor in drawing. At last I'm able to come out with a simple storyboard.
   In lecture, I learned some basic advertising knowledge such as the advertising appeals and advertising circulation. Althought i learned advertising ealier before electronic advertising, the lecture made me have a deeper understanding about it. Overall i can say that this is a interesting subject and make people learn a lot about advertising.

creative pyramid

This is a shampoo advertisement. The brand of the shampoo is Vivel shampoo and the main function of this shampoo is anti-danduff. I think this ad has grab people's attention using celebrity appeal. The man is this ad is bollywood star and he will attract the interest of man user or his fans. The purpose of the testimonials in this ad is to gain credibility. Since the shampoo's function is to anti danduff, it will attract audience to find out more about this shampoo after they view this ad. This is a step where advertisement can create desire of audience. I think that the phrase " try it " is to encourage audience to take action to purchase this shampoo

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Comment to the electronic advertising class.

In this class, i like the teaching method of Pn. Nurin because puan will explain the content by your own words, sharing some useful ideas that out of the syllabus, but not as some lecturers just read the slides. This make the lectures more interesting and not so boring. At least i won't feel sleepy during the lectures. Besides that, the group assignment gave me the first time opportunity to present our group's ideas to client from outside. It is big different with other presentations i had go through before. As conclusion, i totally satisfied with this electronic advertising class. Thank you to Pn. Nurin.. =)

By: Man Si

Friday, 22 April 2011

Choose one type of product, list down the brands of the same product in the market, choose the product differentiation and prepare a perceptual map.

Product type: Soy Milk
Brands: - Drinho
               - Marigold
               - V-Soy
               - Seasons
               - Yeo’s

                                                         Perceptual Map

Friday, 1 April 2011

Product that I need badly is fiber drinks

I suffered from constipation since I enter University. Sometimes I even went to toilet once in a week. I think i suffered from this problem because I rarely eat vegetables. The reason behind it is because of the cooked vegetables are not clean or it doesn't suit my appetite. I tried many ways to cure this problem such as consume Yakult and eat more fruits. However it didn't help

My mother is the member of E.excel, a direct sale company. The fiber drinks that I drink now is a product of E.excel. My mother knew that I have constipation, so she buy this for me. I start to drink it few weeks ago. I drink it every morning before I have my breakfast. I found it improve my condition as I am now will go to toilet every 2 days. I will continue consume it as I believe my condition will get back to normal.

The name of the fiber drink is EverNew Mixed Fiber. It is in powder form. So I have to take it with warm water. There are 30 packet in 1 box and the serving size is 18g. Ingredients for this fiber drink are: proprietary fiber mix( orange, psyllium husk, banana,oat), fructose and vanilla.

The taste of this fiber drinks quite ok as it contain orange and vanilla. The most important thing is it won't make me suffer from Diarrhea after consume it. Most fiber drinks that are being sold in the market make people suffer form Diarrhea. Therefore I can drink it anytime without worrying that I will need to go toilet after consume it.